We invite coffee enthusiast, tea lovers and sweet treat admirers for a shared experience to educate and link like minded individuals on our industries craft. Let’s recognize a ritual that is part of our daily lives and create new stories through a family friendly and cultural experience. Us as baristas, roasters, brewers, bakers and artisans have a goal to share our passion and formulate relationships in our growing and vibrant community. Each participating culturist showcases their individual flare along with scheduled events, demonstrations, tastings and more.

Now who’s with us when we say, “Life Begins AFTER Coffee?!?  Well at the Wilmington Coffee Fest this is totally true...yet we are talking a LOT of coffee!  Wait a second, this is the definition of heaven right? Meandering with your friends and family in the beautiful historic USO Hannah Block Building in downtown Wilmington, tasting on the finest coffees, and feeling all warm and fuzzy inside.  Yeah it’s true...sounds a bit heavenly. 

People in every country start and continue through their day with drinking coffee all over the world.  Coffee is used as a tool, a gatherer, a mediator and is there for us when we seek guidance and assists us during all life occurrences!  We, your local coffee community is super pumped and ready to share with you who we are, spread our coffee knowledge and have some fun! We are a compilation of coffee shops, roasters, artisans and well...anything coffee!!! Please, you and your family come join us for a day of drinks, food, arts vendors, music demonstrations and lectures. Now let’s embark on this wonderful caffeinated journey!  There is something here for everyone...even if you don’t drink coffee! We still love ya...haha.


Our event is at two locations.  The first being the Hannah Block USO Community Arts Center at the corner of 2nd and Orange St.  The second is at Waterline Brewery under the bridge on Surry St.

Hannah Block Building houses all things coffee.  Coffee Fest hours here are 10 AM - 4 PM. This is also the check in point for the whole event.  Here you will find all the coffee shop vendors, roasters, coffee industry vendors and bakers here.  There will also be live demonstrations, lectures and a latte art competition! You will be able to talk with your coffee community and there will be drinks/food/retail items available for purchase along with some sampling of product.  Also music curated by local record shop Gravity Records.  

Waterline Brewery houses all of our local artisans, food/coffee trucks, local live music, raffles and kids activities!  We will also announce all awards here. Coffee Fest hours here are from 12 - 5 PM. Waterline will showcase their Coffee and Cream Ale and offer other delicious brews.  

Both locations are situated in historic downtown Wilmington.  They are a short seven minute walk from each other through streets lined with beautiful historic homes.  We also encourage people to ride bikes and take public transportation. We will post information about this on our social media closer to the event!