Now who’s with us when we say, “Life Begins AFTER Coffee?!?  Well on the weekend of the coffee fest this is totally true...yet we are talking a LOT of coffee!  Wait a second, this is the definition of heaven right? Meandering with your friends and family on the beautiful historic streets of Wilmington, sipping on the finest coffee there is to offer and feeling all warm and fuzzy inside.  Yeah it’s true...sounds a bit heavenly.

As we all know coffee plays a big part in having the world go round.  Everyone from the prime minister to your local educators drink coffee. We, your local coffee community is super pumped and ready to share with you who we are, spread our coffee knowledge and have some fun!  We are a compilation of coffee shops, roasters, artisans and well...anything coffee!!! Please, you and your family come join us for a day of drinks, food, arts vendors, music demonstrations and lectures. Now let’s embark on this wonderful caffeinated journey!  There is something here for everyone...even if you don’t drink coffee! We still love ya...haha.


Will Chacon and Krysta Kearney are co founders of the Wilmington Coffee Fest.  Lots and lots of coffee has been consumed by these two in preparation for this event!  Can you drink them under the table? Most likely not. Both of them have a passion for coffee and are excited to share this with you!

Charities We Donated To:

A portion of the proceeds from ticket sales went towards these four charities:

https://capefearenrichmentprogram.org/ - Provides services and opportunities across the cape fear region that enriches and enables the lives of adults with intellectual and develpmental disabilities

https://www.thefullbellyproject.org/ - Designs labor saving devices to improve the lives of people in developing communities in places such as Africa, Asia and Latin America.  

https://carouselcenter.org/ - Certified medical professionals perform a complete medical examination in a nurturing and supportive environment on children who are victims of physical or sexual abuse.  

https://www.thecoffeetrust.org/ - Goes to childrens education and coffee communities in Guatemala

Participating Locations:

Ticket Check In Location:

Map/Trolley Route