During a time when environmental issues are on the rise, Wilmington Coffee Fest is taking progressive strides to reduce waste and build environmental resiliency at this year’s 2020 festival. Wilmington Compost Company is excited to partner with the festival to reduce and divert the event waste. Together, we are closing the loop in order to regenerate our local soils and protect our waterways. As coffee hobbyists, cafe owners, managers, roasters, cultivators of the land, and sailors of the seas, we must protect the very resources that bring us love, fulfillment, and happiness.

Please join us by being mindful of your waste at this year’s event. With your help and participation, we can create a closed loop from one cup of coffee to the next, reducing our footprint.

Historically, community events and gatherings are large producers of waste! Often, this waste can be mismanaged, resulting in unnecessary amounts of compostable waste making its way to the landfill. The coffee industry is reliant on healthy soil and sustainable farming practices to ensure the quality of the bean, and longevity of the farmer’s operation. A major hurdle on the customer facing side of the coffee industry is waste from single use cups, filters, and packaging, as well re-purposing of coffee grinds. By shifting this waste stream from our landfills to compost to create nutrient rich soil, not only are we protecting our soils and waterways, but we are reducing our carbon foot print with the goal of creating a better tomorrow for future generations to enjoy this space we call Earth.

As we strive to raise awareness on the important roles environmental practices play in food, families, and our communities, we hope you will join our effort today in protecting our future, our home, our beautiful Southeastern NC and beyond.

Keep New Hanover Beautiful is a non-profit organization based in Wilmington, North Carolina. We are the local affiliate for Keep America Beautiful.  

Our mission is to reduce litter, improve recycling and beautify New Hanover County with the help of dedicated volunteers. 

Our funding is based solely on donations.