This section is for all coffee shops in Wilmington NC and and it's metropolitan area.


We invite you to become a Wilmington Coffee Crawl 2020 Participant! We are hosting the 3rd annual coffee crawl. We would love for you to join our event.  The past couple crawls were a huge success. In learning from our experiences we have made some changes.


WHAT IS THE WILMINGTON COFFEE CRAWL? “We invite coffee enthusiast, tea lovers and sweet treat admirers for a shared experience to educate and link like minded individuals on our industries craft. Let’s recognize a ritual that is part of our daily lives and create new stories through a family friendly and cultural experience. Us as baristas, roasters, brewers, bakers and artisans are our customers. Our goal is to share our passions and formulate relationships in our growing and vibrant community. Each participating culturist showcases their individual flare along with scheduled events, demonstrations, tastings and more.


RECAP OF LAST YEAR The Wilmington Coffee Crawl had 2500 tickets sold. There were 7 participating sites, all independent local shops in the downtown area. Participants meandered on a self guided walking tour from shop to shop while being immersed in our craft's culture along with roaster's demonstrations, craft artisans, music and more.


MOVING FORWARD Through learning from the past years and taking suggestions and criticisms from participants we have decided to take a bit different of an approach this year. Moving forward there is a main event space at the Hannah Block USO building and two of it's surrounding street blocks which is located in downtown ILM. This will house all vendors, including coffee shops, roasters, industry, arts and crafts, and food/beverage. There will also be demonstrations, classes, competitions and music. This will be the primary location of the event.


Along with the USO Building we are inviting you, ILM’s coffee related independent shops to be along a crawl route. We are inviting ALL Wilmington Independent Coffee Shops this year which will showcase what our whole community has to offer. Since this is different in nature of years past and since the shops are so far apart it will be less of a "crawl". Each shop will feature one drink for the weekend of the event. Every crawler will obtain this menu and will have the chance to check out different shops around town.


HOW WOULD YOU FIT INTO THIS PICTURE? We would like for you to participate in the day of coffee crawl route and also have the option to be a vendor at the USO building. For only a $100 participating fee, it will Include:

  • Premier Logo Placement
  • Vendor Booth Fee
  • VIP Party Ticket x 1 Free Drink on friday Jan 31st, 2020
  • Marketing Material
  • Day of Marketing at a booth set up for premier downtown locations
  • You will be included in the offical brochure with your shop’s location.  
  • Crawlers have opportunity to pick up their swag bags two weeks prior to the crawl which can obtain coupons and information on your shop.


Benifits to being a spot on the crawl:

  • Get advertising throughout the year
  • Advertising on day of the crawl
  • Be part of the largest regional coffee event


What each participating shop will be encouraged to do at their shops:

  • Have a discounted Coffee Crawler Item weekend of
  • Add coupons to goodie bags for potential future buying customers
  • Add promotional materials to each goodie bag
  • Have the option to offer really anything you want throughout the day of and weekend of to crawlers.  You can highlight anything that you do or want people to know about you
  • We will be having a goodie bag/ticket pick up two weeks prior to the can run a special for the two weeks leading up to the event if wanted

What each participating site will be encouraged to do at the vendor booth:

  • Advertise their business
  • Sell product (including drinks,food,retail etc.)
  • Educate our community
  • Sample Product (only if desired)
  • Give out information/coupons for business
  • Showcase your unique flare

What won’t be at shops that was in years past that will now be at USO building:

  • Arts vendors
  • Demonstrations from roastery’s
  • Music
  • Timed events

What still intices crawlers to go to participating shops:

  • Discounted menus
  • Discovering uique shops
  • Checking out/ supporting the local coffee scene


WHAT WE PROVIDE We provide all the coordination to get the coffee crawl rolling and to get our craft, our community and your name out to the public. We will advertise your business in local, regional and national outlets. Our commitment to getting ILM's coffee on the map is backed by lots of coffee consumption.  We are dedicated to organizing a great event.


WHY PARTICIPATE?!? The Wilmington Coffee Crawl as stated above will bring you multiple customers and media attention. The advertising alone creates so much potential for exposure of your business. Last year we had upwards of 400,000 interests on just facebook. Just think of how much exposure that is for you and your surrounding community.  Advertising is also done through online publications, news sites, social media, television, visual signs at our local shops and word of mouth throughout our community.