Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Some FAQ From The 2019 Wilmington Coffee Crawl


2020 Wilmington Coffee fest FAQ coming soon!



Here is a few listed below.  As the time nears for the crawl we will post more so please be sure to check back!


*Do we need to pay for coffee and food at each location?

A featured sample will be provided at every stop.  You are welcome to purchase something else if you would like but you are not required to buy anything!


*What are the best ways to travel for the event?

We have a trolly that will be circulating from 10 AM to 4 PM during the hours of the crawl.  It will be on a loop the whole day going from one location to the next.  You are welcome to hop on at any point just show your wrist band.  There are three free parking lots dedicated to the crawl.  You can find the map on social media and this site!  Also we encourage bike riding as always!  Locations are walkable as well and can pick and choose what you would like to take the trolly to or walk.

Can I ride the trolly to Gravity Records from a parking location without having a wristband yet?

Yes!  Just show your ticket or phone to the volunteer on the trolly and they will let you on!

*If  I buy a drink at one location is it ok if I bring it into the next stop I go to on the crawl?



*Are dogs allowed at this event?

Only at select locations.  Please be sure to look at the map to see which locations are pet friendly.


*Do I need to show my ticket to get into every location?

You will have a wristband that shows you are part of the event.  Don't take it off!


*Is this event rain or shine?

Yes it is rain or shine and tickets are non refundable.


Check in:

Check in starts at 9:30 at Gravity Records.  This is the ONLY location you can check in!!  Check in ends at 2PM.

Ticket Availability:

We do have a certain amount of tickets to be sold total for the crawl so tickets may or may not be available during the day of the crawl.  Best way to secure your spot is to buy now, on here the website!

How do I know what is happening where?

You will receive a brochure when you check in for the event.  In the brochure it lists all times for events, demonstrations etc. It will also be listed here on the website and on social media!

Hours are different at Waterline Brewery!

Crawl hours at Waterline Brewery are from noon - 5 since they open later than all other locations.  All other locations are 10 AM to 4 PM.


All raffles are at Waterline Brewery.  If you get your brochure stamped at all locations you are eligible for a few different raffles!  There will also be a raffle table for purchase.  All raffles will be announced at the end of the crawl.

What if I have a friend/family member coming with me that doesn't have a ticket to the event?

The event is open to the public so people can still travel around with you.  They just don't get all the coffee Crawler perks.  Such as the mug and samples but they can come and have fun and take in all the coffee!